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287 Green Street
London E13 9AR
t: 020 8503 5005
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We can provide 18Ct, 21Ct, 22Ct & 24Ct. Gold jewellery. But we are selling 22Ct gold jewellery in our shop. The difference between each Carat is the gold purity content (G.P.C) in each.

18 Ct : 75.00 % GPC
21 Ct : 87.50 % GPC
22 Ct : 91.60 % GPC
24 Ct :    999.9 % GPC

Precious Stones

Our precious stone jewellery are of classical designs. They consist of bracelets, earrings and necklace sets (bracelets, earrings and rings inclusive) and rings made out of 18Ct and 22Ct gold . embedded with combination of precious stones. And we also have a handful collection of precious tone rings ... embedded in 18Ct and 22Ct as well.

The list of precious stone jewellery we deal in:

Pearl Necklaces

Our pearl necklaces are made out of cultured pearls.